About Us

COMPETENTRANSLATION  agency with the license no. 2/39183 was founded in 2011 by a highly proficient team specializing in freelance translation services from English into Arabic and vice versa. Our primary objective is to meet our clients’ needs through high quality performance, timely delivery, fair prices, and various related needs.

To achieve this goal, our team members are

  • Bilingual and multi-cultural translators and specializing in various areas.
  • Professional proofreaders and translators available for consultation.

Our team members have

  • Relevant work experience in the translation field.·
  • Over 7 years experience of Arabic language instruction given to non-native speakers of Arabic. This has exposed them to subtleties and nuances in language usage making them more effective translators.
  • Previous experience in teaching online courses·
  • The proficiency and time to help undergraduate students translate and understand translation assignments.

The work team exerts great efforts, committed to the values of high performance quality, deadlines, affordable rates, and various interrelated expertise.

The work team members of COMPETENTRANSLATION are specialized translators, linguists and consultants with a deep cultural knowledge in all areas of translation and language proofreading.

The team’s experience has accumulated over a period of 12 years: five years before being licensed and seven years after being licensed. Beside the work in the field of translation, the team is also involved in teaching Arabic language to foreigners and developing its curricula for non-native speakers.