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    There are many mistakes made by many students and English learners when they write or even speak. Below are some of these mistakes:
    1.     Effect and affect:
    –         There is a difference between them. Effect is a noun can be used in a place of subject for example; the effect of heroin becomes a very big problem for many young people.
    –         Affect is a verb, for example, heroin has increasingly become a big issue for the government, it may affect %20 percent of young people in the society.
    2.   Conform=identify and confirm=assert: both are verbs but they have different meaning.  
    3.   Where and were: where is a placeWH question:  Where are you from? And a relative pronoun indicates to a place for example, He lives where he studies.  Were is a plural of verb to Be are, they were on vacation. They were watching TV when I visited them.
    4.   Glass and class: both are different.
    5.   Meet and meat: have different meaning.
    6.   Leave and live: have different meaning and pronunciation.

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