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    كيس أسود

    black sack

    One parent described this event as a “black sack” being pulled down over their head, blocking their ability to hear, see, and think in normal ways.

    طعنة سكين في القلب

    having a knife stuck

    Another parent described the trauma as “having a knife stuck” in their heart.

    الحفاظ على النظرة الإيجابية

    Maintain a Positive Outlook

    بطولة كرة السلة

    basketball tournament

    مباريات الدور قبل النهائي

    Final Four semi-final

    Or semi Finals

    الدور ربع النهائي

    quarter finals

    تم الاتفاق بين … و… (عند صياغة العقود)

    Concluded between ….. and …..

    اِلتزم الطرفان بما يلي

    Both parties agree to the following:



    prime minister and education minister, said the move was intended to “streamline the requirements” of private and public universities.


    lag behind

    The tribes traditionally lag behind in education and business.

    مصمم خِصيصاً


    provide a chance for you to have a educational experience.

    حديث / حديثة

    جنبا لجنب

    State of the art


    side by side

    It boasts beautiful rugged landscapes and state of the art bustling cities side by side.

    هدية العمر

    gift of a lifetime

    One trip gives the gift of a lifetime full of touristic treasures and fond memories.




    Malaysia is very much the world’s next forerunner for advancement in specialized fields

    هيئات امتحانات شبه مهنية

     Semi-Professional Examination Bodies

    أكثر المناطق مرغوبة.

     one of the most sought

    Malaysia has become one of the most sought after providers of higher education in the world

    الشروط المرجعية

    Terms of Reference

    اللامركزية المالية

     Fiscal decentralization

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