Pricing Unit
Document Translation
Contracts, Legal TranslationOne page is 250 wordsUS$20-25
Business data, correspondence, documentationOne page is 250 wordsUS$10-20
e-commerceOne page is 250 wordsUS$20-30
Field- specific texts: financial, legal, scientific , technical, ..etcOne page is 250 wordsUS$30-40
Education materialsOne page is 250 wordsUS$10-20
Personal and business correspondenceOne page is 250 wordsUS$10-15
Press-releases, newsOne page is 250 wordsUS$10-20
Promotional and AdvertisingOne page is 250 wordsUS$10-20
Audio and Video Materials
Audio and video media/educational content translation/interpretingA minuteUS$5-7
Proofreading and editing
Proofreading and editingOne page is 250 wordsUS$3-5
content / all researches - translation/interpreting