What we did

COMPETENTRANSLATION freelance translators have not just studied translation and immediately became translators. Each one has actively worked in translation for more than 7 years in all disciplines of translation and worked for many government and non-government institutions all over the world and continue to do so.

COMPETENTRANSLATION  team has also participated as interpreters and MCs (master of ceremonies) in local and international conferences, ceremonies, graduations, and   T.V Programs. We translated various documents, reports, books, certificates, brochures, and various documents.

Here are some of the prestigious institutions we worked for

  • University of Science and Technology, 2004-current.
  • Yementimes Newspaper, trannslating articles
  • NationalYemen Newspaper, editing, proofreading, and translating articles
  • Korean NGO, medical translation
  • Official translator and interpreter of Shur’rh members
  • Yemen Institute for Arabic language
  • Scola educational service
  • Topmaxtech designing services
  • Consultation and Development Center, UST
  • International Experience House
  • Yemen Microfinance Network
  • Global Sports Partners, Yemen
  • Transparent Language Inc.Al-Romansiah Company
  • Fikrah Foundation for Women Rights and Media
  • Felix Yemen ProjectGreater Study for Education and Training
  • Nebras Health Society, Yemen