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    Tips for Professional Translators
    1. Preparedness and comfort of translator
    2. Read the whole text one time or twice before you start translating so that you can have a prior idea about the text and its culture and form.
    3. Try to identify the main idea and the sub-ideas for the text to be translated.
    4. Translate the text using simple sentences and language and not be bound to the source text.
    5. Try to use simple and logical language in the target language.
    6. Continuous reading in both languages, the source and target alike.
    7. Watch various films/movies such as documentary and comedy and etc which that enables you to acquire more words, phrases and idioms and new culture as well.
    8. Search for specialized dictionaries in different areas, religion, law and so on.
    9. Maintain verb tenses in the target language.
    10. To be familiarized to the native language grammatically and semantically. Most of English sentences are structured in passive while in Arabic active.
    11. In the event you know little knowledge about your native language while you have considerable knowledge about the target language, you are not a translator and should not be called a translator.
    12. Each language and each sentence has logic and your translation must be logical.
    13. If you feel that you are not competent enough to translate a particular text or you don’t have enough words and terms, don’t gamble unless you have responsible efficiency and competency.
    14. Make translation your fun and try to learn from all the former mistakes.
    15. Write down everything new and difficult in a manner that makes it easy for search reference.
    16. Understandably, each language has its own style and structure, so don’t translate the style or structure but translate the idea substance not its form.
    17. At last but not the least, be honest in your translation even though you disagree with the idea of the source language or that the idea disagrees your ideas and beliefs.

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